: '96 FWB: Bent Rim. Where can I get a replacement?

04-09-09, 02:58 PM
My Fleetwood Brougham wobbles down the road (much more noticeable at low speed) and the steering wheel seesaws. I'm diagnosising that as a bent rim up from.

These wheels can't be unbent, can they? Where do I find a replacement? The only ones I found on ebay were a complete set for $2,000 or so. I just need one wheel in driver condition.


04-09-09, 03:39 PM
Not sure about the replacment, but I do know from experience, that you can get the same exact action from a bad tire. My 75 was doing the same thing only in the rear. I would have sworn it was a bent rim, as a matter of fact I was in search for one. Then one of my front tires came apart so I went and had a set put on all the way around.....smooth as a button now. Good luck with what ever it is.

04-09-09, 03:59 PM
Didn't even think about that.

I'll have to look at the tires more closely.


04-09-09, 04:49 PM
yeah my tire guy said that mine had seperated pretty severly. I wasn't REAL obvious until he pulled it off the car and took a close look at it.

04-09-09, 05:37 PM
A 15" alumininum wheel with a 70 or 75 series tire is just about impossible to bend. My bet is on a separated belt on a tire, or worn steering (center link or idler arm).

04-09-09, 10:36 PM
Simply jack the car up and spin the front tires by hand. Its a failed belt in a tire I'm guessing.

04-14-09, 09:29 PM
If it is indeed a rim, here's a number of use. (321) 632-1788 LKQ Automotive (salvage yard network) Melbourne, FL. They do pretty well.