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07-09-04, 07:49 PM
SO as promised, here is the update to today's visit to the dealer for the noise that i posted in my last posting

:D Driver side motor mount BROKEN.....Not sure from what....:D

Ordered my part - i will bring the car back in next week for the repair.

Spoke to the dealer about the "recall" on the washer - they are fully aware of the issue although it is not currently posted as a recall, they have fixed a few cars with this issue.

Oil temp reflash - they "think" :hmm:it was published as an alert, they have heard "something about it" but will do more research to find out for me.

Rear End - asked about the rear and if they have heard anything - of course the answer was nahhh....i did not have the time to wait for the car, i was going to ask him to check mine and let me see it when he does....maybe next week

:confused: FYI - it took them 9 miles of driving to figure out the noise that I described as a strut tower, broken motor mount or control arm...the funny part is i wonder how much they had to drive the other CTS-v in the lot that was in for service - I asked what it was in for they said regular service...I hope so....

07-10-04, 06:12 PM
Sorry to hear about your rear end...
Good Luck with that!
I'm going to have my nuts checked neat time I'm in for service
:devil: ...well the nuts on my v that is...;-)