: Does anyone have BOSE amp by-pass harness instructions

04-09-09, 12:10 PM
Could anybody help me find or give me instructions on how to install an BOSE amp bypass harness??? Please

04-13-09, 03:42 PM
OK here is the deal for a 1994 eldorado. the amp is located in the trunk on the right side by the antena, remove the carpet around that area and the carpet panel that covers the back of the back seat. unplug the three part harness that is pluged into the top of the factory amp and unplug the antena from the amp, plug them into the amp bypass harness, you are done with the wiring on this end. bring your HU into the trunk area and wire everything up to the HU right there to test and see if everything works (i prefer using the RCA jack instead of the speaker wire which the amp bypass harness should have). after testing remove the nuts off the two (2) long bolts on the back of the back seat, go inside your cadillacs back seat and pull the back part of the seat toward you, fish the wires from the amp bypass harness into the interior of the car, run the wires down the passenger side of the bottom part of the back seat and re-install the back seat and the carpet pieces in the trunk, you are done with the back seat area. remove the trim piece that runs along the edge of the carpet by the door ( pull up gently toward you ), run the wires under the edge of your carpet toward the front of your car, peel back the carpet that is under your dash and tuck the wires behind the carpet, re-install the trim piece and tuck your carpet back into place you are done with this part. fish the wires from your amp bypass harness up to the factory radio area in the console area and plug in your new HU with the dash kit for a 1992-1995 eldorado. you are done. some might need to purchase a set of ground loop isolators from radio shack if you have a poping noice in your speakers when you change channels or switch to the CD player, these hook up right into your RCA jacks that you use for the speakers.