: 2009 CTS Harddrive Recording issues

Big Dad n Mama Crow
04-08-09, 10:49 PM
We bought a beautiful 2009 Black Cherry CTS - Seriously Lovin it! However, I c- an't figure out the HDD. It's driving us crazy - We've recorded 56 songs from CD's - and it says it has 56 songs on the HDD but when we go to play the songs there is only one list of the original first 16 songs we uploaded - how do I get to the other 40 songs and put them in playlists?? Help! :banghead:

01-28-10, 09:46 PM
There is NOTHING wrong with your car -- you have it set to only play the one set. I suggest now that you have had the car for a while that you go back and ask one of the salesmen how to opperate the Hard Drive. I've had my car a year -- loaded CTS 09 and it is just perfect, but I went back after a year and learned things about the system I did not know. Let them show you how to opperate the Hard Drive -- also ask them about using voice operation to use the navigation system -- amazing technology.

03-13-10, 06:31 AM
On that "Voice Operation of the Navigation System" from Ronnyball, anyone having problems with the system not retaining the voicetags. I have a real Sweet 2009 CTS4 in Black Cherry which I have had LOTS O PROBLEMS WITH! Bought it in February of 09 and I'm in the loaner rags monthly. Sometimes twice a month.