: Tires?

04-08-09, 08:48 PM
I bought a 2006 STS V8 CPO with 29,000 miles with the dealers warranty to 100,000 miles. The tires in front are wearing on the outside and I am sure these are the original tires.

Michelin Pilot MXM4:

Front : P235/50 ZR18
Rear : P255/45 ZR18

I think these tires are very noisy. Should I keep these staggered sizes or go with uniform all around? Any suggestions on a new brand?

04-09-09, 09:58 AM
Bought 4 Falken 235/50/17 tires. Falken rated 1st by consumer reports (Nov 07). I find it about 50% quieter that standard Michelins. Has great performance around corners. Great on wet traction. 40K mileage tire. No pro rated.