: Wheel bearing replacement - aftermarket part okay?

04-08-09, 08:29 PM
I just replaced my driver side wheel bearing / hub assembly with an aftermarket wheelbearing made by a company called Falcon Steering Components. Has anyone else used their parts or know anything about them? I did notice they are QS certified, etc...

Here is their site : http://www.falconsteering.com/asp/falconhome_950.asp?PID=19

BTW, the wheel bearing was the culprit of a slight grinding I could feel on my steering wheel and pedal sometimes and got rid of alot of the humming noise also some is still there (yeah the common differential issue I suspect). So far so good, I guess the real test will be when I put my 24's on in a few weeks...

Oh, saved my self a ton by doing it myself since I was off today. I was surprised how the wheel hub system is also identical to that on my Expedition which I replaced also...

04-09-09, 01:56 AM
Just replaced my drivers side last week! I bought a timken from autzone which was told is probably exact thing dealer was gonna sell me for 130$ more! Sure youll be good! Like you said youll find out soon enough with the big wheels on!

04-09-09, 10:42 AM
Yeah I looked up their site and seems like they are into alot of "big stuff" and got alot of quality certifications behind their name which is great. I just might go ahead and replace my passenger side one since it has a *very* slight play in it. Our local repair center said it would cost me a little over $400 to replace my one wheel bearing... yeah, I knew how to do it and my unwillingness to do it on my own died off very fast when they gave me that price lol.

I liked the guy's sales idea though "You should get it done right now! We can have you done in like 45 mins and I will not drive another mile with a bad wheel bearing!! Want me to go ahead and right the work order??" :thepan: Ummm... no.

This was after putting the truck in their workshop and then making me wait almost 3 hours just to look and give me an estimate :yawn: (I had one one of those free checkup coupons lol)...