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04-05-09, 09:08 PM
After reading about the PAC VCI-GM3 interface kit, I decided to give it a shot. A rear view camera with a high rear window SUV seems like a good idea.
I went over the instructions before purchasing the unit and felt pretty confident that I could do it. The unit arrived as did the camera and I was ready to go.
Day one--I tackled the camera install and ran the video cable to the front under the driver's side dash. Power was tapped from the backup lights (light green wire).
Day two--console opened up and Nav unit was removed, connections made per instructions (there is a wire for parking brake but nothing about connecting it so I didn't hook it). Found switched power at A/C control and reverse wire under dash at A pillar. Reinstalled Nav in console and ran a test.
All functions seemed to work on the unit except that the DVD player now has black ovals where white ovals were with arrows, full screen, etc. once were. You can press the blanks and the unit will respond. This occurs when the ignition is turned off with the DVD playing. When the DVD player is turned on with the car running everything is normal.
Reverse gear yields a blank screen:confused:
I have no idea what caused the DVD problem. As for the camera, I suspect that I have a bad connection on the Video cable or connection to the wrong reversing wire or maybe a bad ground.
Anyone with any ideas, Please suggest.

04-05-09, 11:34 PM
Sorry if any of this sounds obvious, but:

Have you verified 12v at the reverse wire (when in reverse) and at the accessory wire (wth ignition on) with a multimeter?

As you mentioned, you should also check for continuity between your ground and another part of the vehicle that should be a ground.

The DVD button issue may be caused by the ribboon cable in the head unit. Make sure its seated properly.

The ebrake wire is probably there to allow the video from input 1 to work only when the ebrake is engaged (camera should be plugged in to video 2).

04-06-09, 06:10 AM
Thanks, for the reply. I did verify the reversing wire with my meter. I am going to recheck all of my connections today. One thing that confused me somewhat was the term "ground out put". Is that the same as a chassis ground or does it mean that I can attach to any black ground conductor?

04-09-09, 06:55 AM
It works! Sometimes the simplest things cause the most trouble.....
While checking grounds, I found that the video cable had been cut. Apparently, I had routed it too close to the tailgate hinge which resulted in the damage. After the cable was repaired and rerouted the camera works perfectly.
Member Ryaus 1, who sucessfully did this installation, suggested that I connect the 12v power supply to the time delay "lock pick" for the radio to allow the video display to time off with the radio when the ignition is turned off rather than go blank. I will do this once I learn the location of the correct conductor to tap to make this work. Thanks Ryaus 1 for your suggestions and offer to meet with me to trouble shoot my system on your next trip to FL. That is going above and beyond to help a fellow member.
This is a good mod that increased the safety factor as well as being a nice feature to have.

04-10-09, 12:27 PM
We actually went visit your town just two weeks ago. I'll drop you a note when we plan to go again, would be great to meet up ..

01-20-10, 01:40 PM
I am considering buying a 2007 Cadillac SRX and want to know if installing a camera on an '07 will be any different than on this '08. Also, how did you get the Nav screen out of the dash? Thank you!

01-21-10, 10:28 PM
I believe that the 07 -09 will have the same interior console and Nav units.
Unless you have some reasonable electronics skills and aren't afraid to tackle the panel disassembly and fishing of the wiring from the camera in the rear through the interior to the aftermarket PAC VIC-GM3 unit, stay away. You will also have to disassemble the NAV unit to install the new components to make the unit work with your camera. If you aren't comfortable with this you will be wise to consult a professional installer. If you choose to do this yourself, do a search, there are some basic instructions on the removal of the console trim to access the NAV unit. The PAC interface also comes with instruction and diagrams to disassemble the NAV and make the necessary connections.
Good Luck.