: Inner tie rod ends P/N 1967 Deville

04-04-09, 01:23 PM
Good afternoon Guys, Looking for some help today. I'm redoing my front end and steering components on my 67 Sedan Deville. Outer Tie rod ends I'm having no trouble finding. (Rockauto) as usual. They sell Moog, which I'm very comfortable with. However, inner tie rod ends are another story, I have spent hours searching and I'm coming up with nothing. Rare Parts out of autozone, has the inners, but at a ridiculous price. I see Moog inner ends for years 1963-4, then it stops. I've been to The Moog site and they don't list inners for my year. If anybody could come up with a Moog part number or quite possibly a TRW part number, I would be very grateful, I check out this site quite often, and find it very helpful and interesting. Take Care, Mark.