: How low on oil life before changing?

04-03-09, 03:03 PM
Ok, I bought my 04 V8 SRX about a month ago and it is showing 25% oil life. It was about 33% when I bought it. I have a road trip coming up this week where I plan on driving it 10 hrs to Memphis, TN. Should I get the oil changed prior to the trip or wait until I return? I will be on the highway the whole way to Memphis. Just wondering. Thanks.

04-03-09, 03:45 PM
If you had the car since new and knew 1. the type of driving that was done under the previous 75% of the reading and 2. the reading wasn't reset by accident (not at an actual change) then I would wait until after your trip.

But, since you bought the car at 33%, I would change the oil and reset the DIC before your trip. I just bought our 2004 and am replacing all the fluids right away. I'd rather spend the extra money and have the peace of mind then worry about problems down the road...

Hope this helps.


04-03-09, 07:59 PM
I have a 2005 cts with the same v6 as in the srx and wait til the change oil soon came up (below 10% engine oil life). The car has now 102k miles and runs like a charm! I've been doing Used Oil Analysis too and I can tell you everything is great under the hood.

04-04-09, 02:06 AM
Change the oil before you hit the road. Oil is the cheapest insurance you will ever buy!

04-04-09, 06:53 AM
Change the oil.

The Wrench
04-05-09, 02:26 PM
Biggest oil issue I read herein is forgetting to check the oil LEVEL.
With the computer allowing >10k miles between changes, many engines can use 5 qts before the change computer comes on; and there is no low-oil warning light on the later cars!
So, yeah, I recommend to go ahead and change it; but at least check the level.


04-07-09, 12:05 PM
I never go below 30%. I agree that the frequent oil level check is a must.These things burn thru oil fast.

04-08-09, 02:00 PM
I go to 50% or 6 months - whichever comes first. Burns about 1/2 qt at 50% (5-6K miles).

04-09-09, 05:05 PM
I had a clunking sound and hesitation as soon as the change oil light went on. Went to the dealership and they recommended an oil change and it has run like a top ever since. The delaership says they are recommending oil changes, with synthetic oil, at about 5k miles. I had posted about it a while back.