: DIY: SRX Sport front swap.

04-03-09, 02:04 PM
Not sure if the Mod’s want to sticky this or not, but I think this is some great info for people who want to swap a Sport front end on to a non-sport SRX. The swap is expensive, but its was not as much as some people told me it would cost. The only cost effective way to do this swap is to search around for some used parts, some parts you will need to buy new, but others can be found on eBay.

The parts you need for the swap are….
-07+ Sport Bumper(ebay)
-07+ Sport Grill(ebay)
-Driver side fender liner extension for sport bumper (25868737)
-Passenger side fender liner extension for sport bumper (25868736)
-Driver side sport front bumper fog light bracket (will update # when I get it)
-Passenger side sport front bumper fog light bracket (15831168)
-Woven metal mesh for upper and lower grills (http://www.customcargrills.com/products.asp?id=46)
-Color matched hood trim

The best place to find the bumper and front grill is eBay! From the dealership I think its 700$ for the bumper and 400$ for the grill. I was able to find the bumper painted white diamond for 250$ + shipping and the grill painted for 89$+ shipping. The best way to find the parts is to go to ebay.com/motors and run a search for “SRX Sport”, you might get lucky and find the bumper painted, if not you could always buy one with primer and have it painted, but that will cost more. The front grill is easier to find, they have them painted in almost any color for 89$ shipped.

It’s best to buy the fog light brackets and wheel liner extensions new; I had no luck finding them on eBay. My local dealer quoted me something like 600$ for these parts. I was able to order them from newgmparts.com for something like 238$ shipped.

The mesh is one of the hardest parts of the swap. The OEM mesh from the dealership even from newgmparts.com is something like 1000$ for both pieces. I was able to order 2 sheets of “Diamond woven” mesh from customautogrills.com for 99$ each. The only problem is you need to then cut the large pieces of mesh to size which is not easy. The lower grill is not so bad because it’s a square, but I had trouble with the upper grill because it has so many different angles. Basically what you do is cut the mesh to size, then cut holes where the OEM plastic tabs are, then you just slide it on. I used some hot glue and automotive clips to hold it on. If I get the time I will write up a DIY for this.

The Chrome piece of trim on the hood can be removed by pinching the tabs on the back and pulling forward. I was able to get this piece painted for 50$. This will flow better with the rest of the sport front end

I will keep updating this thread, with part numbers. I have still not finished this, I'm just waiting on parts.

04-03-09, 02:04 PM
Saving this post for more info/pics

04-03-09, 02:04 PM
Spot 2 for more info and pics