: mysterious water puddle in FWB

04-02-09, 04:14 PM
So we have had some big rains down here in Florida, i noticed yesterday this huge puddle in my back seat only on the passenger side floor. The rug is soaked and the mat too. There is no water coming from the roof, its dry as a bone. Window and door seals all seem fine, there is no trail of water is what im getting at. I even took the back seat off to see if it was coming from trunk or something. I dont think it is. The rug is rubber lined and im positive it couldnt be form underneath. Any suggestions? im perplexed

04-03-09, 12:54 AM
Do you have a sunroof? Could be one of the drain lines is broke or plugged up.

04-03-09, 06:06 PM
did you ever fiqure it out, maybe the drain holes from the bottom of the doors are leaking into the pass compartment

04-05-09, 12:28 PM
I've found leaks in my 94 around the rear vinyl roof edge. In my case it goes into my trunk ... but it is high enough that I could see it going into the pass. compartment.

04-05-09, 09:32 PM
Have not found the leak yet. Seat, door, nothing else was wet, and i dont have a sunroof. Going to sit in the car soon and have some one hose the car down to find the leak. Any other ideas are appreciated, where would it be leaking near the vinyl roof?

04-06-09, 05:01 PM
I once had the exact same issue. One spring day I was cleaning out my car and I found that the passenger rear carpet was soaked with some mystery liquid. Like you I searched for the source, but came up empty. After giving up on finding the breach, I went about refilling my fluid levels. When I got to the washer reservoir, I realized that the bottle of windshield washer fluid (of which I kept on the rear passenger floor) was completely empty, even though I had only used it once. I filled the bottle with water and found the cap did not seal properly and allowed the bottle to leak; thus was the source of my puddle.

Is it possible that you had any such mishap? Do you ever keep bottles in the cabin, or let someone use your car who would put leaking containers on your carpet?

04-07-09, 10:32 AM
i usually dont keep bottles of liquid in the car. It's possible, but i cant figure out where and when this would have occurred. Im going to look closer for leaks when i get a break from school