: Pioneer ND-G500

04-02-09, 11:02 AM
Recently purchased a 2006 SRX - very happy so far. Looking to install the Pioneer ND-G500 amp (and the F500BT Navi) and was hoping for some help from this group. The attached file has the installation instructions from the manual. Has anybody installed one of these in the SRX or does anyone have knowledge on the subject that can help me out. Was hoping for some additional detailed instructions as well as what additional parts I would need to adapt this to the SRX. I know I can install this with some input from this group, just want to make sure I have the support before I pull the trigger. Thanks for your help!

04-02-09, 12:56 PM
Additional info. I was able to find a picture of the connector for the ND-G500. I am hoping I just need the appropriate wiring harness for the SRX - hook it up and I am ready to go - sounds to simple and it probably is. Can anybody recommend what I need to complete the installation or offer any words of wisdom:hmm:

04-03-09, 05:55 PM
Ok does your SRX have BOSE and are you gutting it? or do u have the standard audio system? If it has BOSE you could just plug in a GMOS-10 and you're set. try metraonline.com and put in your specifics