: Car Stalled, won't restart

04-01-09, 03:32 PM
Need help, I just did head gaskets about 1 week ago. Since then I have put about 800 miles on my Seville. Since then it has had a tick, I assume its a lifter tick, its coming from the left head, towards the front of the motor. I made sure it was oiling by looking through the oil fill. The tick usually went away or got considerably quieter after the car warmed up. When I did the heads I saw how carboned up the pistons and valves were, so I Sea Foamed the motor about 100 miles ago. I poured it down the brake booster vacuum hose. The car never stalled during this process, but it did hickup once. 100 miles after the Sea Foam I'm driving to work and the car stalls at 75 mph and then won't restart. I got a trailer a couple of hours later to bring it home, I tried to start it. Long crank time, fired a few times and died. It was not running well. I gave it some gas, hit the starter again, its started turned a couple of revolutions and backfired. I gave up after this, loaded it on the trailer and took it home.

Today I lifted the front cam cover to make sure the cam didn't skip. The cams are still in sync together on the front. (I checked the front because of the ticking noise and then reading one of 97Eldos post about a sprocket coming loose). Everything looks fine from what I could see.

Do you guys have any ideas? I pulled a couple of codes after the stall P0101 and P0121. Crank sensors? Anything else? I'm stumped.

04-01-09, 06:03 PM
Just an update. I put it back together. Hit the key, it cranked for about 6 seconds and then fired up, ran rough, backfired and stalled. Total running time about 10 seconds. Hit the key again backfired died. One more time with the key and some gas pedal it started runs rough wanted to die if it got under 2500rpm. Shut it off after about 20 seconds, wouldn't idle. The lifter noise is still there, but no other mechanical type of noise.

Codes that show up this time are P0101 (MAF) P1599(Near Stall) B1652 (Loss of Keep Alive Memory???). Could a bad MAF cause this? Would the SeaFoam kill the MAF?

04-01-09, 09:27 PM
I think the snake oil you put in there was down stream of the MAF. Why does everyone insist on using that shit? Check your fuel pressure and FPR.

04-03-09, 11:08 PM
Just an update: Pulled the motor tonight and inspected it. All the intake valves are bent. The pin fell out of the intake sprocket and the sprocket was off by about the distance of one tooth. This is the same head that I had to have .003 taken off to clean up some scratches. I wonder if when they machined it down if the vibration started to loosen it up. The good news is I found the pin. It was on the bottom of the head just below the chain, and none of the pistons appear to have any damage.

More good news is it only took me 4.5 hours to get the motor out of the car and the head off the block.

I'll probably just get this head inspected and fixed, but just as another opption, will the 2000 and up head fit a 99 block? I'm talking the whole assembly, head, cams, sprockets.

04-03-09, 11:14 PM
OH, PS. the snake oil really took a lot of the carbon off the pistons and head on that side. There is still some there, but it was probably 50% less.

04-03-09, 11:28 PM
Hmm, same thing happened to Jake.

04-03-09, 11:56 PM
I read that post when I was having problems with mine.

One more question. What holds the pin in? Is it just pressed in, or is there some type of sealant that needs to be put on it? I plan on putting the pin back in the cam unless if for some reason I shouldn't

04-04-09, 11:10 AM
I THINK it's pressed, but that is a question for Jake, Ewill or AJ.