: 1994 STS quit in driveway, seems battery went dead.

03-31-09, 10:12 PM
Backing out of my driveway the car stopped dead, it was like there was no battery in the car. I checked the battery posts, seemed tight, tightened a little more. Wondering what is going on about 1 minute later, maybe 2 minutes, everything came back on, car started and away I went. I happened to have my dash display on battery voltage and now it's around 11.5 volts. I removed the battery cables, all looked good, put them back and still 11.5 volts.

The battery is about 3 months old and will start the car just fine.

I checked the voltage at the battery with the car running and it matches my display, about 11.5 volts.

I'm pretty sure the alternator is bad but thought I would check with someone who is more versed than myself, I don't want to remove and replace it for nothing!

I'm guessing my alternator has seen better days but was wondering if there may be some type of relay between the alternator and battery that may have gone out and which caused the intial power loss? I'm guessing there isn't and I'll have to change the alternator, any comments would be appreciated!

Thanks ahead of time!!

03-31-09, 10:35 PM
Have the battery tested. Just because it is 3 months old doesn't mean anything. If the alternator was not charging, you would have gotten a message.

03-31-09, 11:31 PM
Ranger, thanks for the reply. I will get the battery checked and now I'm hoping that's the problem, a lot easier to change than the alternator. I will post what the problem was when I get it repaired, probably in the next day or two.


04-01-09, 01:02 AM
Ranger, the little nudge you gave me was just enough to get me out the door and start checking the battery. As it turnsd out, one of the positive battery cables was the problem. The inside cable that has two cables running out of the lug, one going to the alternator I believe and the other going to some sort of fuse block I guess, was the problem. About a year ago that cable gave me a problem, the cables were corroded coming out of the lug and I had just enough cable to cut them both back, drilled out the lug and fitted the two new ends back into the lug.

I would've changed the cable at that time but I couldn't find anyone that had it stocked other than Cadillac and they wanted around $175 if my memory is working correctly.

Apparantly the cables became loose although I couldn't move either, I clamped down on them again and my voltage is back to 13.5 at start up and then slowly comes down to around 12.5-12.7!

Thanks for the quick reply which certainly helped me out............:D