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03-31-09, 03:06 AM
Hi. First I want to introduce myself, as I am new to this forum.
I live in Moscow Russia, and just recently got a 2004 SRX v8 with NAV, MagRide and Ultraview and only 50k miles on it. I am so happy! I used to drive a Nissan titan, but after I got a baby born 6 months ago I decided to get something more family friendly.

I bought it cheap with some known issues for the price I sold the Titan here in Moscow. The seller is my close friend so he bought all the parts for me ( which were rear dampers, and some misc stuff, as new headlight - original had a crack)

Now the biggest problem this car had - is leaking steering pump. We ordered it the same day I got the car, and it should arrive any day this week. Nevertheless, I drove the car anyways, just adding some steering fluid every morning. Besides this it had some codes on CATs and thermostat. Dealership said the thermostat is not really a big deal - but I should replace it in near future as because of it - engine heats up too slow, and the cats codes they said are because of poor gas quality here in Russia.

So this morning I started the car and tried to go to work as usual, but I got "Engine Power Reduced" on the Nav screen. I stopped the engine and started it again the car drew for about a minute and then came back to this mode again. While in this mode the RPMs would go up and down around 1k range.

So I left the car and went back to get my wifes New Beetle =). And found loads of steering fluid on a parking lot.

So now I wait till the new pump comes in, for some reason I would doubt that the steering pump could cause this code. What do you guys think? Also is there a way to clear the codes without going to the dealership?

05-14-09, 11:11 PM
my 2004 srx with the v8 is doing the same thing as yours as far as it will not go above 1000 rpm, the engine runs very rough as though it will die any second and the "engine power reduced" is on the nav screen. when i attempt to drive it it will not go above 4 or 5 mph and no matter what i do with the gas pedal the engine will not go above 900-1000 rpm. Just wondering if you have any update on your vehicle. Thanks