: Major repair job

03-30-09, 09:14 PM
I got this major oil leak on my 95FWB. Been in consultation with my guy and he is up for the job. I was told to buy front and rear main seals ( the supposed source of the leak). I have replaced the oil filter adapter gasket and oil cooler lines myself. It is my understanding that the engine and transmission have to be separated to get this done. While I'm at it, i decided that the timing is perfect to refresh the trans oil and pan gasket.


Car just turned 100k miles with me, bought it at 86xxx approx one year ago. I am the third owner I do not know if the plugs and wires have been done before...but they look to be in good condition. Should I change?

Oxygen sensors, fuel filter, PCV ...Should I change

My guy is aking $500 to do the seals .....the rest, if I decide to do them I can do myself.

On my N* there is a trans oil life monitor, does the FWB have this feature also??

03-31-09, 05:31 PM
Did you have your major oil leak before you changed the hoses and filter adapter gasket? Before I changed anything I would not be guessing at where the leak is... I would clean it and do close inspection of where it is leaking...
Changing the plug wires is a chore.. I would change the cap and rotor , wires and waterpump all at the same time...everytime I ever took off a waterpump half the ball bearings were missing on the inside bearing of the pump...you have to take the pump off to change the cap .. and its not the eazy to change just the wires with the pump on...

03-31-09, 10:02 PM
yeah it goes through 1 quart every 2-300 miles. Well my guy looked it over and decided that that was the cause. I trust his judgement so I'd go with that. Today I saw smoke rising up from the right hand side near by the dipstick, after parking there is always a puddle. The underside is always coated in oil, something has to be done. Watcha think.

03-31-09, 11:18 PM
Are you sure it is not from the oil cooler lines? Every LT1 I have owned needed a new pair. $29.00 part and far easier than those seals.

Fuel filter, PCV, and o2 sensor are good wear items to swap out.

Plugs & wires are hard to get to on the passenger side. Stick with the Delco platinum tipped plugs and get some nice MSD wires.


04-01-09, 09:53 AM
I've already changed the oil cooler lines, and the oil filter adapter O ring and gasket but the leak in still present.

What about valve covers, intake manifold gaskets???

MSD wires??...what benefit do they offer?

The "bell housing" and the right hand underside is where I see the most oil. Also oil drips/runs onto the exhaust pipes and get burned off.

04-01-09, 08:27 PM
The MSD wires conduct better and are only $10-20.00 more than the AC delco wires.

I guess it could be the rear main seal then.

04-02-09, 07:07 AM
I really thought GM fixed their leaky seal problems in the late 80's. It's hard to believe that 1 piece rear seal would leak at only 100k. I would do a lot of wiping and cleaning to be sure that's where it is coming from. I made that mistake once. I pulled an engine out of a Camaro because I was certain the rear main seal was leaking and it turned out to be the oil pressure sending unit leaking. I didn't spend enough time wiping and cleaning beforehand. Good luck.

04-02-09, 11:17 AM
what about valve cover gaskets and intake manifold gaskets???