: HG Budget for 97 STS

03-30-09, 05:25 PM
I'm thinking about getting a 97 STS that needs a headgasket. If I used Jakes Stud kit ($549) what should I budget or plan for the rest of the job. I've been reading threads all day and there sure is a pile of information, particularly from the people that took the time to documents the process, but I am still not sure what I should plan on fixing / replacing while I'm in there.


Mark C
03-30-09, 06:57 PM
Upper engine gasket set about $200, includes HG, valve cover gaskets, spark plug orings, water pump drive seal, crossover pipe gaskets, valve seals, fuel injector orings, etc. Plan on replacing all of these.

Water pump $50 easy to do while the engine is out, plus the wrench needed to do the job (another S50).

Sway bar bushings $25 to $30 a pair. 10 minute job with the cradle out, 2 to 3 hour job per side with the cradle in the car.

Front strut swaybar links, 30 to 50 per side.

Possibly do the steel heater hoses that run around the back of the engine, check them really close while the engine is out, replace them if they are rusty and at all questionable. 70 bucks apeice dealer item only.

Possibly do the dog bone struts, but they are easy to access at anytime.

Possibly do the TCC solenoid while the cradle is out. Easy access and a 30 dollar part while the cradel is out, major pain in the butt later.

03-30-09, 08:26 PM
Thanks Mark

It will be interesting to see what the prices are here in Canada, they are generally higher.