: Help needed...might buy an 05 Esclade

03-29-09, 09:55 PM
Hello all. I usually hang out in the Fleetwood Brougham (RWD) section of the forum as I currently own 2 Fleetwood Broughams...I do read up on some of the posts in this section from time to time.

I am looking at replacing my 06 Grand Prix daily driver w/ an 05 Esclade.

Here is some info on the Esclade:
6.0 RWD, loaded w/ every option except rear DVD/TV, has Bose, navigation, chrome Caddy wheels, heated front seats, power peadles, etc. Dealer's asking price is $19899, and the truck has 69,xxx miles, no warrenty.

Does this seem like a good buy (I will shoot them an offer of $18,000 + tax lics, etc)?

Also what should I look out for with this truck (ie any known problems)?

Last, what type of gas do these Eslcades use...89 or 91?

Thanks for you help guys.

03-30-09, 07:28 AM
That is a great price.. I paid 21,995 for my 06 with 63,xxx miles on it. I've been using 91 octane. I purchased a extended warranty of two years, and I'd recommend anyone to pick up a warranty with one. I haven't had any issues, so I couldn't really tell you what to look for. Hope things work out for the best.

03-30-09, 02:47 PM
I use 89 with no complaints

03-30-09, 02:58 PM
I picked up my '04 with all options, AWD, 49,700 miles for 19,990. Make sure to check the front differential for any wierd noises. Look around for some posts on the topic if you have any questions about them.

03-30-09, 03:40 PM
I picked up my 2005 ESV Platinum for $19,500 with 63K miles.
Just got it in December
Private Sale