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03-29-09, 04:43 PM
Help guys! My '92 FWB 305ci started running slightly rough today, low power all of the sudden and when I parked it, came out to go again, started, stumbled, then died, repeated that barely running, a couple of seconds then died. The codes I found were 132 and 149. Can any of you shed some 'light' on this issue my car is having? I think it had this problem before, changed the fuel filter but that wasn't it....can't seem to recall the issue....perhaps a faulty battery cable????

Car has 168,xxx miles, runs perfectly and I RARELY have to do anything to it. I did do a tuneup 2 years ago but couldn't, for the life of me, get the rotor off to change it out!!! Couldn't believe I couldn't budge it.

thanks for your help in advance!

03-29-09, 04:46 PM
I forgot to mention that the Service Engine soon light came on while driving it, noticing lower power.....1st time this light has ever come on outside of initializing upon start up.


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03-29-09, 09:19 PM
I started and stuck a thread that lists OBDI codes and what they mean. I suggest looking there.....

03-30-09, 12:59 PM
[I did do a tuneup 2 years ago but couldn't, for the life of me, get the rotor off to change it out!!! Couldn't believe I couldn't budge it

Soak it in some liquid wrench first and get some vice grips on it. Mine was stuck pretty hard too - make sure you pull straight up.

03-31-09, 11:22 PM

Thanks I found it, I think, but all i see is 2 digit codes.....how is it that I'm ready 3 digit codes? Even if the 1 on the 132 and 149 codes are taken off, I don't see '49' code listed in your compilation.



04-01-09, 08:38 AM
How did you retrieve the codes? If you used a jumper wire or anything that makes the engine light blink, you may have to do it again because those codes dont sound right. Each code should blink three times starting with code 12

04-02-09, 12:06 AM
When using a jumper, I think we got '4' and 12' codes. I got the others by pressing the climate control buttons. Does that sound right?

04-02-09, 01:45 AM
12 is the first code you should get, it basicly means the computer recognizes diagnostic mode. But I think all of the codes are two digits. The codes you got are for either the climate control or ABS. The sticky thread is correct so if your codes dont match with it, you got the wrong set of codes. Use the jumper wire and watch how the 12 blinks. blink...blink blink..............blink...blink blink..............blink...blink blink.....................................(longest pause)then next code. Each code blinks 3 times.