: will infant car seat fit?

Big Phil
03-29-09, 01:11 PM
Hi all.

Wife & I just had a newborn, and our 06 CTS is alittle cramped with the infant car seat installed in the back.

I looked at 07+ escalades, but still alittle more than i want to pay right now.

So i'm considering an 07+ SRX, but need to know, can 2 adults fit comfortably with an infant car seat installed in the back?

Also, since they are built on the same platform as the CTS, do they have the same interior rear space and legroom as the cts? I'm hoping a bit more rear space.

Thanks all your help would be greatly appreciated.

03-29-09, 01:27 PM

Big Phil
03-29-09, 01:32 PM

Thank you that helps.

c5 rv
03-29-09, 02:51 PM
The SRX has theater style seating with the rear seat higher than the front. It's probably one of the most comfortable cars for an adult to ride in the back (not third row) seat. As for a carseat, you'll have to test fit it.

03-30-09, 08:49 AM
We use a Britax Diplomat car seat in ours and it is a little cramped. Usually the girls sit back there with the guys up front. It's really not that bad though. We usually have the car seat on the passenger's side and the two backseaters sit next to eachother. If we carry 2 in the CTS, we just put the seat in the middle and that gives a little more room. The SRX has more back seat space than the 08 CTS. I wish I had the third row seat though. In my Mom's Denali and/or Rendezvous we would put the car seat in the third row and I would sit back there (I don't mind being cramped) and we could carry 7 easy. I would recommend the third row seat for car seats.

03-30-09, 01:55 PM
8yr old sits in the middle on a booster seat, with car seats on either side for the twins.

3rd row only used for 8 yr old and friends, they have to climb in from the hatch.

03-30-09, 08:38 PM
I have had two adults (very small) in the middle seat with the car seat installed. There is NO WAY two of me would fit with the car seat.

03-31-09, 05:19 AM
Two-year old in carseat in the 2nd row driver side, with a 7 year old boy who controls the DVD, and another adult at the passenger side. A 6 month old in an infant carseat in the 3rd row, with a petite wife who prefers the 3rd row than everything else. The infant/carseat goes through the hatch... It's a lot 0f work, but it works well if everyone follows the right order, if you know what I mean :-)

03-31-09, 05:21 AM
By the way, i store all unnecessary headrests at home...

04-02-09, 04:34 PM
We actually just bought a 05 SRX, specifically for more room for carseats.

We fit 2 booster seats (6 year olds) in the 3rd row. They boosters fit, but barely. Still much better than some of the other 3rd row seat vehicles that we test drove. The Infant Seat fits nicely in the second row, and we're still able to move the front seats back as far as we want.

04-02-09, 05:16 PM
We have our son's Britax Marathon car seat in the middle of the second row. Its a very large car seat, but adults can fit reasonably comfortable on either side and he gets to be right in front of the DVD screen now. But things will change once number 2 comes along!! As far as the third row goes, adults can sit back there for short rides, but it seems to be meant for kids. It'll come in handy once my son is in a booster.