: I finally bought mine yesterday

03-29-09, 10:41 AM
After 3 months of lurking on this board and wanting to join the club, I became official with the purchase of a radiant silver / titanium V2 yesterday. Thank you, General, for creating this fabulous set of wheels.

Since January, I have been trying to locate a silver car. I posted then how the car I was trying to buy had problems with a radiator hose during my test drive, which gave me cold feet as far as purchasing that particular car. The trouble was, there are so few of these cars in SoCal that I just had to wait until there were more cars showing up from the factory. I was in discussions with dealers in other states, but finally decided that I didn't want to go out of state to buy, although I am sure it would have saved me some money. You guys on the east coast near Tony and Scott certainly have better choices than those of us on the west coast.

With the factory running again, we are seeing more cars show up this week in SoCal. The dealer where I bought mine received 3 new ones, and another dealer told me he was expecting deliveries of several cars this weekend. All this is good, as it means that there's a little more choice of colors and options for others to join the club. That may mean some movement on prices, too, in the future.

Funny thing happened as I was driving home from the dealer. I pulled out of the dealership driveway and what car should happen to pull in front of me, but a M5. Oh, if only there wasn't a break-in period.:lildevil:

My wife thinks I am hitting old age moving into a Cadillac. Wait till she drives it and sees what this car is made of!

03-29-09, 02:12 PM
Congrats welcome to the club

03-29-09, 02:23 PM
Well done! :thumbsup:
Now how about some pictures? :bouncy:

03-29-09, 02:49 PM
Outstanding choice in vehicles and welcome to our exclusive club! Once your V2 is broken in, I'm sure you will enjoy the Panzerwagen rich SoCal hunting environment. :2thumbs:

03-29-09, 03:46 PM
Congrats! My wife doesn't think I'm hitting old age yet, though. :) In fact, she swears my age is regressing.

03-29-09, 05:29 PM
I'm trying to post pictures but I keep getting error messages.

03-29-09, 05:54 PM
Congrats and welcome aboard. Several of my friends thought my age was regressing as well when I first bought mine, that was until they either saw it or rode in it.

I am very pleased to see more V's becoming available, IMHO this car is the best value from GM bar none on the market right now, and it's halo presence can only help GM and Cadillac. It attracts way more attention than I am used to wherever I take it, I've had people pull in and take pictures twice when I was getting gas.

Post some pics when you have a chance!

03-29-09, 09:14 PM
Pictures just posted in the sticky message. Thanks for the encouragement with this purchase. I know this is a great car.

It is amazing in 2 days to see several other cars pulling up to me and itching to challenge the V to see what it will do.

03-29-09, 09:25 PM
Congrats. My wife knows I'm going backwards. I'm 54 shorlty, with an 08 Z06, a 98 Camaro SS, and 09 V on order. Best of luck with your new ride. Use it in the best of health.