: another STS with BOSE probs

03-29-09, 03:48 AM

so my bose system has follwing problems:

after starting it is has for a few minutes a sough in the speakers. after a few minutes its gone.

and the other problem is hard to describe, let met try it.
when I open or lock the car sometimes there is a low bang out from the speakers like a bass hit -- sounds like an old amp what u switch off and u get a noise it the speakers.
hope u can get it what mean;)

the last one is my settings from the sound ( bass. treblle...) are suddenly deleted during driving and listening. only the fader is set. all other are in the middle set.
after setting it again it works.. this happened now 2 times...:bomb:

are these problems caused of the head unit or from the amp?

thx for help

greets from germany