: Calling all Sports Fans..

07-08-04, 11:30 AM
Attention all sports fans... Mr. Hoppe (myself) and Mr. Johnson have officially been declared America's #1 Sports Fans! lol ESPN was doing free shots down at Milwaukee's music festival, Summerfest. So they burned the pic on a cd and just gave them away for nothing... BTW Talib Kweli was the main act I saw...just a great show!


07-09-04, 12:01 AM
nice i want one now

07-09-04, 07:53 AM
cool! i want one too!

is that guy next to you really that big, or is he just closer to the camera?! :suspect:

07-09-04, 10:07 AM
its a combination...he's a little bigger and he is also closer...