: Very Long, EBTCM

07-08-04, 10:34 AM
40 Miles into my last trip to Portland my 93 STS 4.6L N* started to miss on one then two cylinders. I drove to the rest stop on the top of the hill to check all the plug wires and such. I noticed that the car was missing at idle while in drive as well and in park. I shut off the engine and then restarted it right away and it was running like new again. I pulled out on the HWY and then half a mile latter the ABS and Traction disabled lights come up and it starts missing again. I once again pull over and shut down and restart, it runs like new. I took it to the local Cady dealer " they have always treated my very very well" and they call me back a few hours latter saying that the EBTCM went bad. I was getting codes , P 137, I0 32, I0 39, S0 44. They said all the wiring checked out good. Has anyone heard of the EBTCM causing a miss when it starts to fail. I drove the car another day and now only the ABS and traction lights come up with no missing. Thanks for all your help in this matter. Thank god I have a good Warranty on the car as the part alone is just over 1K.:worship: