: low oil pressure indictator

03-27-09, 05:30 PM
hi guys-
i have a 03 dts that for the past two months the 'oil pressure low' light came on followed by 'stop engine now' with bells going off, lights flashing, i thought i was going to be ejected! the first two times i checked the oil level, but the third time i just shut it down and restarted (reboot). each time the light remained off for several weeks. a bad sensor? any help is appreciated.

03-27-09, 06:11 PM
The oil pressure sending unit (switch) on the oil filter adapter is set to trip the light at about 5 psi. That is also the GM low spec for hot idle oil pressure. There has been a run of your same experience, and the fix is usually to replace the sending unit with another ACDelco piece. www.rockauto.com, $12 or so. Tight work, up on a lift with the lower splash shield removed. I believe that the car is spec'd for 5W-30 oil, filled no more than halfway up the hashmarks. (halfway is the 7.5 quart mark, the GM spec.) DO NOT overfill the engine.

03-27-09, 08:11 PM
thanks submariner409. the $12 fix, hoping it works, is better than what i was imagining.