: will a Factory Indash CD deck from a 1998 Seville fit in the Deville ?

03-25-09, 11:41 PM
I am wondeirng hte Deville im going to get tommrrow only has a tape deck
I am not good with electronics or i would go get a aftermarket cd player and put it in but somone told me since im going to be going to a shop to have it put in it will end up costing me around 250 or 300 after taxes to
Put in a Cheap cd deck and the amp so that it will work over the factory speakers and then im looking at also to keep the Steering wheel radio controls
So i am thinking about going to a Bone Yard and getting a CD deck indash factory but what will fit the 1998 Deviile and work
does it have to be from a 1997-1999 or can it be a 1996 can i use a radio from a Seville

04-02-09, 04:19 PM
Your best option would be to put the 10 disc player in the trunk, your car already comes prewired, very simple install, also you can buy an aftermarket 10 pack with MP3 capability as well, the Radio from the Seville would not work for the Deville, as probably the one from the Seville is a Bose unit, and is shaped differently, Devilles from 97 to 99 Did not come with the Bose option only two Delco systems, the six speaker one which you probably have and the 11 speaker option, you will notice that on the dash there is a center speaker, on the six speaker version its empty but the 11 has it filled. Also, aftermarket stereos cause all kinds of havoc with your car, it may be worth the 300dollars to have one installed, but they better know what they are doing.

04-02-09, 08:14 PM
1 nope wont work unless it has bose
2 its a 12 disc changer not 10 make sure you get the right one