View Full Version : 05 srx problems/questions

03-25-09, 11:17 AM
I bought a 2005 cadillac SRX with 47,300 miles. I have read about some problems on this site, and now am experiencing first hand. The leak in the jack compartment was found while cleaning/detainling the car. and the third night of having the car after my wife and I took it out with the moonroof open we got back and noticed the weatherstrippin and molding were coming up. (not sure if dealership hid problem temporarily/ and not a cadillac dealership). So I thought the moonroof and leak were related. I took the car in to a cadillac dealership to get estimates and was told about the missing plugs causing the leak in the storage compartment (which GM is covering because it was never installed to begin with. They said the moonroof was considered "cosmetic" so they wouldnt cover that. The roof estimate was 2 weaterstips ($400+ each and 2 moldings $250+ each). Last night we got our first rain since we have had the car and on my way to work I saw a huge leak where the back window meets the side window(all interior soaked). I stopped into the dealership and showed them that this was not just cosmetic. and now im waiting to here new estimates and if GM will cover any of this... Im under mileage but my warranty expired 12/08. I also plan on purchasing 4 year bumper-to-bumber after all this is fixed... Any advice or recomendations

03-27-09, 08:56 AM
Most places will not sell a warrantee once the original warrantee is out. In other words, you need to buy it while factory warrantee is in effect. I know this is true for GM and Chrysler plans and most non manufacturer warrantees as well.