: STS low power

03-24-09, 02:30 PM
I have a 1998 STS, there are no codes, and the car runs great, I was screwing around and trying to take off fast and the car has no power until I get up to 25MPH, then it takes off like a bad outta hell. Also I use midgrade gas.

anyone have thoughts on this.

03-24-09, 03:28 PM
T/C disengaged?

03-24-09, 07:48 PM
I have a 1998 STS, there are no codes....

Do you mean MESSAGES or Diagnostic Trouble Codes (DTC)?

You are describing how the engine performs when starting off in 2nd gear.

03-25-09, 10:48 AM
yes, there are no trouble codes,

Ranger: what does "T/C disengaged?" mean?

03-25-09, 11:33 AM
I am assuming you mean traction control, yes, I tried both ways and got the same result.

03-25-09, 11:34 AM
Do you have a button to disengage the T/C (Traction Control) and if so, is it disengaged as it will then disable 1st gear.

03-31-09, 07:36 AM
i did that, no change