: replacing center console

03-24-09, 11:14 AM
Does anyone know how to remove the center console in a 99 escalade? Any advise would be appreciated! Thank in advance.

08-06-09, 12:56 PM
I need help with the same question but for a 2005. i took all those screws out and it didnt come off.... whats next. What else do i have to pull apart to get it out?

08-06-09, 01:34 PM
I had a 2000, which is basically the same as your 99, and I wanted to take out the console to replace it with a speaker box. Trust me - you don't want to. I got the top half off and very quickly changed my mind. First you remove the Arm rest, (if you still have it in there, remove the disc changer) then you remove the black trim inside the storage area, then remove screws from inside there. Directly below the storage area is the factory amp, and if you remove the top trim for the storage cubby towards the front of the console (cup holders) you'll find more screws.

Long story short, once you get that entire top piece off, you see that the console is FILLED with electronics. Even if you could take them out without causing any problems, relocating them would be a MAJOR pain. I would highly recommend AGAINST removing that console.

08-08-09, 09:36 PM
I had to remove the complete interior in my 2002, wasnt that big of a deal. The console does have a bit of wiring to it, but there's connectors that makes the job easier. The 4 holding point are actually the inner bolts of the 2 front seats. So both of them will need to be removed if you want to get the console out.


08-09-09, 07:54 PM
I love the new drivers seat! 5 gallon bucket?
What does it look like all put back together?

08-09-09, 07:59 PM
Its just the for screws to remove the lid. I had to replace mine a couple of years ago.

08-10-09, 11:51 AM
I had to upgrade to that bucket cuz the milk crate I was using before was a little too low...

Truck is salvage from NY, had a lampost fall on the top. Needed to push back roof 6-8 inches on passenger side and fix the passenger door as well. Since the truck stayed outside for almost a year without a sunroof or passenger glass, interior was really dirty and soaked! When I got it in january, that's what it looked like.


5 months later, its all completed. Was a winter project sort of. I added dynamat to the floor and roof, and insulation to all the empty pillars to reduce sound. Sprayed the rear quarters on the inside with rust stuff while there also.