: FRONT DIFF Diagnose

03-23-09, 06:12 PM
At the risk of being locked out again, I dare ask another front diff question. I appologize if a similar question may have been asked in 1986. :shhh:

But here goes.....can the front diff be checked while the vehicle is up on the lift? Or does it really need to have a load on it to be better able to hear the whinning?

I had my vehicle on a lift a week or so ago when they were checking my alignment. I mentioned about some diff noise, and the mech had the vehicle in nuetral and turned both the front and rear drive shafts. Both seemed to make a whistle noise when turning them by hand. Is that normal?

Thanks for your help

03-23-09, 11:03 PM

Even when you're spoon fed instructions, you refuse to search on a topic that has been done to death. You don't play well with others do you?