: 1999 Seville STS Bose system integration

03-22-09, 08:27 PM
Hey, I need some information before I start tearing into my dash. I have an aftermarket radio from a previous vehicle that I would like to install. Its a Pioneer Premier 690 I belive. Anyways, I need some information about the electrical connections and harness available out there for this radio. So far I just plan on installing the deck and aftermarket speakers, (focal), But I plan using the pre-outs from the new deck going directly to the Bose amplifier. Rather than the amplified outputs from the deck which arn't that good, and the factory deck would suit me much better, and I belive that the boxes they selll on the harness just use a line level converter to go to the amplifier. However, I have no idea yet where the bose amplifier is, what connections are on it etc. I would love detailed wiring diagrams or other information that can help me decide what to do. Biased opinions without much fact will be discarded. My chief goal is maintaining the fidelity of the system or improving it, while adding the features of this deck. Things I don't want to loose, are the chime, the functionality of the onboard systems, and this is because I heard that there can be airbag trouble simply because of removing the factory radio. I would like to just remove all risk from the equation by preserving all systems, untill I better understand this. With the exception of the Car phone which hasn't worked sense 07 anyways. BTW I also have the 6-CD changer in the armrest that I couldn't give a rats ass about, and there is obveously no navigation. I will post the one interior pic of the dash if somebody wants it.
Also, if sombeody has exact dimensions for the mounting points on the current speakers, I am going to laser cut a plate to fit 6.5" component speakers in the doors 8" hole. I will also make a mount for the tweeters in a similar fashion, and just say forget it about the center tweeter. I want to keep the factory sub because it is allready better than the one I had, and there LF crossovers will work perfectly with the speakers I want to put in.

03-22-09, 10:17 PM
the bose system speakers are 1ohm, and the amps take a VERY low level input. As far as the integrated electronics, you can run into issues with the security system, the car going into sleep mode, and losing the chimes. As far as the airbag trouble and other rumors....BS, if you want to believe that I can sell you something to shove into your intake that will give you an extra 75hp and 50MPG (sorry I hate things not based in fact).

Honestly, if you are going to trade away from the bose you will want to rewire the car, and its not that bad. if you run 5 wires to the trunk you can relocate the head unit there bypassing any electronic quirks, and there is an aftermarket unit that will allow you to retain the chimes.

Your gonna get a lot of opinions from a lot of people who are intimidated or dont fully understand the whole thing. I have done several installs on these as well as other fully integrated cars without issue. If you want to discuss further, PM me and I will send my #.

03-23-09, 12:09 AM
1 OHM. WOW! That is bose for you, those are the only ones of that low resistance that I've heard sound that good. So the system would definatly be much quiter then. I guess that puts the nail in the coffin to replace the speakers. B/C I can't imagine an amplifier that is taking in 1 ohms speakers to work well with a 4ohms speakers. So my next step I guess is deciding whether or not to rewire the entire stereo like I did in my Aurora. (which actually had that airbag problem, and we discovered it AFTER my friend was t-boned by a SUV doing 45MPH and the side impacts nor front impacts went off, apparently it had something to do with the way GM modules comunicated with each other and was specific only to this model vehicle). It just sucks to do, and I like the factory amplifier much better than the one I have and also the sub much better. But...I dont know what it needs for its inputs, etc. Thanks a bunch for the info, even though GM has confused me even more.

03-23-09, 12:38 AM
the aurora was a unique car in several respects; I have seriously thought about looking for one.

For what it is the bose system is nice, but it is also very proprietary. Like I said, the rewire is fairly easy, and as long as you plan for it and acknowledge what you are getting into the vehicle electronics will have no clue anything changed.

FWIW sorry you got to learn about the integrated electronics the hard (45mph) way...that royally sucks