: Level Ride Question

03-21-09, 05:42 PM
Hi all,

Have a funny problem with the level ride.

After start up the light goes on for a few seconds, then it goes on and off, sometimes for a minute or more while I'm driving. Always has. The strange thing I noticed today is the COMPRESSOR DOESNT COME ON AT ALL! The car never really levels. Is it possible the sensor is clicking the light on and off, but the compressor is on the fritz?

The normal problem of leaky shocks doesnt apply because they are never filing up. So - why the light do you think?


03-23-09, 06:20 PM
What year is your Cadillac?

If you have a late 80's (Fleetwood) Brougham, then I have the wiring diagrams and diagnostic procedure for the Electronic Level Control (ELC) system.

If you have a late 80's Brougham, then it looks like, from the wiring diagram, that the Hight Sensor activates the ELC Relay, which sends power to the Compressor and the Dash Bulb. If the hight sensor never sees the ride hight change, then it will constantly be triggering the relay and thus illuminating the bulb.

Also, on my 89 Brougham, I've never felt it level and I've never heard the compressor engage. I used to have leaking shocks and the light would come on three or four times per trip. Now that the shocks are fixed, the light only comes on at startup.

03-24-09, 09:35 AM
This is a '92, but I imagine the system is the same.

So, the light goes on when the compressor gets a signal from the relay? Must be a bad compressor then, because I even put my hand on it while the light is on and it's definitely not running.

The ride height is fine and the air shocks are recent, it's only when anything is in the back seat or trunk that the light runs. When I loaded the trunk with salt bags, the light was almost on the whole time, but would go off when I applied the brakes (with the rear rising). So it's not the sensors or the shocks.

I'll take it to my guy and have him throw in a new compressor. Thank you Sven for helping me!

03-24-09, 05:30 PM
Have your guy run the air hose too. If there is a hole in it, then it can cause the new compressor to work overtime, which will eventually kill it. That could be the reason yours isn't working now.