: "theftlock" radios

03-21-09, 05:30 PM
Just bought a panasonic dvd/navigation stereo from him, was gonna install it myself, just wondering if anyone here knows if the removal of the original "theftlock" stereo will cause problems, have heard stories where pcm will not work, etc.. Some please drop some knowledge on me.. Got a 1999 deville.

03-22-09, 01:24 AM
the head unit is an integrated part of tthe vehicle electronics....when it disappears you will lose your factory chimes as well as experience various secuirty issues and the "sleep mode" where after sitting for a while the whole car shuts down (keyless entry dome lights etc) untill it is restarted. the best way around this is to relocate the stock head unit to the trunk, you can graft in a metra GMRC03 to keep your chimes (that is all this unit does), and then run all new wires for your new HU.

When relocating the stock HU you need at a minimum the constant 12, ground, switched 12v and 2 data class wires.

You can try and shortcut some part of this process, but honestly, from experience, anything less than this is totally half a$$, and you will find little problems.