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03-21-09, 01:31 AM
Whats up guys.

Here's the thing.
I've got a 05 Pearl Escalade. I've had it for a few years, and my dad hasn't let me do much to it because he was being all "cautious" about stuff but now he doesn't care sooooo there's a lotta Mods i'd love to make.

So far, I've got 26's (that i want to take off and get new ones) they rub too much and just weren't installed correctly. My whole inner lining has been trashed and it scrapes too much when turning. Also, I believe it may be messing with my brakes because they are very hard and what not

And I had two twelves that are now gone

and a 5% tint on the backs and a 35% up front...

What I Want To Do.... Any Recommendations of products (pictures would be great)

I want to get new wheels 24's or 26's *If there's a way to avoid scraping and not messing with the brakes

A full out system


Lighting (front and rear)

So, it'd be great if i can just get some ideas of what's out there and what you'd recommend.


Spittin Game
03-21-09, 03:59 PM
What offset are you current wheels? Sounds like you got some with the wrong offset.

06-13-09, 03:34 PM
I have an 04 that is black with 24'' D'vinci Gustos and it is sick. I considered getting the pearl but only could find the black. If you want to make your truck unique heres what I suggest... call a wheel shop and get them to suggest what wheels and offsets work best with your truck, from there you can get the info you need to select a really good wheel. Also I would suggest a wheel with a colored insert, so many folks are riding on all chrome and after awhile they all look the same, this way you'd be different. Also look at some clear/chrome tail lights. They also have chrome front end hooks and maybe a chrome gas cap. For the wheels check Craig's List and eBay...