: Aftermarket HID Bulbs

03-20-09, 11:24 PM
I have been struggling to find a solid replacement for my stock D1R HID bulbs. I want 12000K, DEEP blue, the bluest possible. I'm not concerned with the light output I just want the right color. I tried a replacement set from Omni X Autosports and I went through four of their sets with no success whatsoever. Has anyone replaced their bulbs with a quality set? If so where from and how much did you spend?

03-20-09, 11:33 PM
when one of my HID bulbs blew, I contacted caddy and they wanted $400 per bulb, and suggested they be changed in pairs. I priced aftermarket 4300 bulbs and they were about $160 each from AZ.

I went online and purchased two 8000 bulbs for $90/shipped. Easy install, and they look great. As far as the 1200 + you are insearch of, I would look online on ebay. There are some real cheapies, but like I said, these work great and can't beat the price. They originally wanted $149/set. I offered $90, and they said OK.

Take a peak on ebay.......GOOD LUCK

03-21-09, 12:31 AM
www.tspny.com has a 1 year warranty... i picked them up locally, the guy is really nice. If you want blue, this is the guy to go to... get "extreme blue" its not a # like 8000 10000 12000 etc.... its an "extreme" series... ill post a pic of extreme blue in my 99 lade.

03-21-09, 12:33 AM

these arent aftermarket hid bulbs, this is a full aftermarket HID set, but it should be the same color.... it looks MUCH bluer in person!

03-21-09, 02:20 AM
What size are those bulbs? On his website there are not D1R bulbs listed under the "Extreme Blue" section. This has been my ongoing problem, very few vendors have bulbs in that size.