: SC44 and SC55

07-07-04, 12:49 PM
When I do the code scan, I get SC44 history and sc55 history then 'PCM?' shows up.

any ideas on what it is

07-08-04, 12:14 AM
Any idea what year and engine...???

No such codes as SC44 and SC55 to my knowlege.... Could you be mistaking a "0" for a "C"....

SO44...Lift/dive signal fault
S055...remote resistor hold side short to ground/open circuit
...RSS resistor module short to ground/open circuit

The "S0" codes are for the RTD/RSS suspension system control system. The lift/dive signal would be from communications with the PCM.

The "PCM?" is just the onboard diagnostics system prompting you for the next level of the diagnostics system. Answer yes or no with the HI or LO buttons to answer the prompts...or press OFF several times to exit the system.

07-08-04, 05:39 PM
Yeah it was s044 and so55, and my suspension is acting like crap bouncing everywhere, but it only has a "history" code?

How would you go abouts in testing if the actual strut is messed or the computer is