: 05 SRX chuggle at high way spend under light load

03-20-09, 01:55 PM
Anyone else out there ever experienced this ? What did you have done ? Did it correct it ? Need some help guys, my 05 "chuggles" (yes, that is the word GM uses) at highway speed under a light load. I've done a ton of research and Have come across a TSB that describes my problem accurately. The repair calls for the TCM to be reprogrammed. How is it done ? What cost can I expect ? Thanks in advance.

03-20-09, 03:11 PM
I don't know what that means exactly, but my 05 V6 AWD, seems to be slight holding back then normal, back and forth, at highway speeds. Is that what you are describing ?

03-20-09, 04:02 PM
A dealer will have the equipment to reprogram the TMC. The reprogramming typically is a software update to address a specific issue. So your best bet would get an estimate from them. I'd guess the charge would be under an hour but strickly a guess.
I'll default to others as to the effectiveness of the update. Occasionally the cure can be worse than the problem.

03-20-09, 08:52 PM
I had the same, expected it to be the TSB you are speaking of, turned out being too low on oil. I know, its crazy, but an oil change later and everything is fine again. except for the excessive oil consumption.:thumbsup:

03-20-09, 09:05 PM
cfishkin: Kind of like a fouled out spark plug or maybe a stopped up fuel filter, the car runs great but climbing even a small incline, the car hesitates, and stutters
n7don : you said occationally the cure is worst than the problem, yes I have heard that about the ECM reprogramming or reflash. I'm wondering about that to, thanks
mthake: Funny you mentioned that because I read a thread on this forum saying the same thing, I changed my oil last weekend, while it did run much better I still have the prolem, thanks for your reply.

c5 rv
03-20-09, 10:13 PM
I have a bit of driveline chugging at 35-40 MPH under light throttle. It's not yet bad enough to take in.

03-23-09, 06:39 AM
I had it and I did three fixes: reprogramming transmission - replaced torque converter - replaced spark plugs. After that everything was fine. Transmission feels more old school "American" than it did before.
Keep in mind: after reprogramming - system does not allow to go back to original transmission mapping...

Good luck!

03-26-09, 03:36 PM
I had my 04 transmission reprogrammed with the flash and it fixed the same problem and it cost 100 bucks at the dealer....(only place that can do it).

George Ware
03-28-09, 11:57 PM
I had a bad coil and spark plug.........$582.10 :annoyed:

George Ware