: new to forum/escalade, with a few questions..

03-20-09, 11:50 AM
Hello All...

Thanks in advance for a really cool and useful forum. I've been lurking/reading up for a while, recently dropped the foot and went in on an '05 Escalade ESV, with 49k on the clock... very nice truck!

We've had a fair amount of SUV's (Range Rovers, mostly) and so far, I'm really impressed with the Cadillac.. This truck is everything its advertised as, really comfortable, and plenty powerful. We've planned a few longer camping trips this year, and pulling the trailer with the 2500 pick-up isn't nearly as much fun as with the escalade.

I'm planning on an all out fluid change (tranny, diff's etc etc) thinking about going synthetic, but I'll read up some more on that (unless someone wants to chime in here).

I've seen a few NAV discs offered by members here, but I can't send any PM's as yet because I dont have enough posts. Does anyone have an extra Nav DVD for an '05 they'd be looking to sell?

I'm also going to have a brake controller installed, and wanted to ask if anyone has done this and had any advice to offer - or things to look out for.

Thanks again.. looking forward to Escalade adventures....

Ken 05 EXT
03-20-09, 02:06 PM
Left you a message for the orginal disc and manuel for $35.00. Disc is#10390370. I just put it in my 05 EXT and it works fine. If you want it email me at kwrw28@netzero.net
Good luck with your ESV.