: need your help about CTS - DVD player, TV & Engine temperatuur gauge

03-20-09, 07:19 AM
Dera friends,

I live in the Netherlands, i just bought a CTS 3.2 model:2003 per weeks ago, but i have some problems with my cadillac CTS. my questions are:

1- i can not see an engine temperatuur gaude in my meters gauge. there is a clock at left side of the my gauges. how can i check/see temperatuur of the my engine?

2- when i put a DVD cd in the my equipment, it gives me ''this kind of cd's can not be played''. is there any thing, which i have to change something?

3- i can not get TV signal, therefore i can not watch TV,should i also change something?

if anybody does answer me, it will be really greatfull.

wish to get an answer soon.