: Rear cupholder A/V jacks?

03-19-09, 09:47 AM
I should probably take pictures of this and post them, but the cupholders in back that fold down from the center console have a/v jacks and a single 120v receptacle in it. This is the first EXT that I have ever been in, so I'm not sure if this is stock or not. I'm guessing it's not. Anyway, so these jacks are there with the receptacle, and a small power switch. Can someone verify with me that this is in fact NOT a factory option. Also, there is a monitor in the passenger side visor. It's my guess that this set up was meant to use a standard dvd player and have movies on the visor. It seems a little awkward to me, but I'm going to hook it up and see what happens.

03-19-09, 10:00 AM
definetly an aftermarket setup