View Full Version : Cadillac Catera 1999

03-19-09, 08:24 AM

i can't find the actuator for the rear vent i haved only cool air, but i have heat in front ? help!:banghead:

98 Catera
03-19-09, 01:14 PM
This ones new to me.... I never know there was a rear actuator?? I thought it worked off the drivers side, but i'm not 100% with this. I'm thinkin that there is no rear actuator because theres no adjustment for the rear vent, so why whould there be an actuator? But maybe someone else could help you.

04-03-09, 09:29 AM

i'm not sure about the rear actuator, that's why i ask the question, because i haved head in the front but nothing rear!