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03-19-09, 02:38 AM
Noticed some fluid spots on the garage floor a few days ago. Took a look under the car and the rack is completely soaked with fluid. There was barely any fluid left in the reservoir and when I make full right hand turns the rack is making very faint noises. Off she goes to the dealer tomorrow. Thank god for the warranty. If they end up replacing the entire rack, do you guys know if they would have to drop the sub frame to make the repair. Reason I ask is I've been wanting to replace the stock motor mounts with the UCC mounts and wondering if this would be a good opportunity to do so. Figure if they're gonna pull the sub frame, I may just ask the manager if they would consider replacing the mounts for me anyway. The shuddering of the motor when I shut it down is very irritating and I'm hoping the UCC mounts will help a bit.

03-19-09, 07:59 AM
I have reviewed the Service Manual sections on: (a) replacement of the various components of the steering system; and (b) replacement of the motor mounts. If there is any significant overlap in the those two sets of procedures (a&b), it is not readily apparent based on my review.

03-20-09, 12:43 AM

03-20-09, 12:48 AM
Thanks for checking. The tech told me the rack can be removed without removing the mounts so I guess the UUC's will have to wait. Well, the entire rack needs to replaced. Only two available in the country so I'm gonna have to take her back next week when the parts get here. Can't really believe I've already had to replace the steering pump before and now the rack at 55,000 miles. Not used to these kinds of major repairs compared to my Lexus and Acura vehicles that still have original parts well past 100,000 miles. Hopefully nothing else major comes up.