: Where to get space saver tire kit

03-19-09, 01:45 AM
Obviously we don't have spare tires in our trunks of our V2
I want to take some long trips, but it worrys me not having a spare tire.

Is there a space saver kit anywhere that will fit?
Maybe we can also get a group buy going?



03-19-09, 03:10 AM
For my '04 CTS-V after getting rid of the runflats I simple bought a spare wheel and put one of my old tires on it. I also bought a scissor jack and a Gorilla Wrench. It all fit in the trunk's spare tire well without any problem. I know there is a wheel and tire size differential front to rear on the '09, but it is only temporary so I think that would work. The traction control will probably not like it if you have a different size tire in one of the rear positions, but again it's temporary.

03-19-09, 06:27 AM
Is there a space saver kit anywhere that will fit?

Before going too far down this path, realize that you need a 19" wheel to clear the front caliper. So, that right there eliminates most "space saver" kits. The best thing you can do is jack the front end of the car up, pop one of the front tires off, and see if it'll even fit in the trunk. I'm guessing if it does, it'll be a real tight fit.


03-19-09, 01:55 PM
Yeah you guys are right. The front brakes are huge and I don't think space saver wheels would fit over them. I do believe we can fit an 18inch wheel over it though. Putting one of these huge wheels barely squeezes in the trunk and leaves alot less trunk space for traveling.

I guess there is no choice, I might as well get another OEM front wheel/tire with scissor jacks and wrench.

Thanks for the great input, guys.