: CTS and V2 VINs

03-19-09, 01:02 AM
Is there anything in the V2 VIN that differentiates it from a normal CTS?

03-19-09, 01:35 AM
I reviewed the .pdf owners manual and found the 3.6L engines have a "V" or "7" in the VIN while the V2 6.2L has a "P". There may be other differences...

03-19-09, 09:23 AM
On January 31 I bought a CTS-V - Silver with Black interior, Sunroof, Navigation, Polished wheels, Automatic, Recaro seats, suede shifter/steering wheel, metal gas/brake pedals.

The VIN started with 1G6DN57PX901

On February 10 I returned it and bought a different CTS-V - Silver with Grey interior, Sunroof, Navigation, Polished wheels, Automatic, Standard seats, non-suede shifter/steering wheel, regular gas/brake pedals

The VIN started with 1G6DN57P5901

So my guess is the "X" in the VIN denotes Recaro seats, which in turn would limit the VIN to a CTS-V VIN.

However I may be mistaken.

03-19-09, 09:33 AM
I believe that is false. The vin contains a Checksum. That 9th digit is the checksum value for your Vin. It shows if it is valid or not.