: Handy jack for engine removal

03-18-09, 10:10 PM
Need an inexpensive transmission jack or jack to remove the cradle. I use a $120 motorcycle jack. This one is from Sears. Works much better then trying to balance them on a floor jack. These are pictues taken after removing the engine from my 97 Deville to replace the headgaskets. Note: It is important to remove the wheels before raising the engine too high or you will pull the cv shaft apart. I laid 2X6ís on top of the rails of the jack long enough to support the engine cradle. Makes it easy to move around.




When I replaced the transmission in my Sebring it was necessary to build the rails up by using two 2x4ís on one side to fit the bottom of the transmission

05-28-09, 07:09 PM
You can also make a 3ft x 3ft 18in high table out of some scrap hard wood you may have laying around , i like mine to be as wide as the subframe so your not setting the weight of unit in oil of trans pan ..