: where can i find a 4.6 northstar engine for a 94 eldorado touring coupe. vin 9

07-07-04, 08:46 AM
my motor caught on fire for no apparent reason. i turned the key and my manifold popped off of my car and burnt. my injectors were burned and the black plastic pipes burned real bad to but nothing elsed burned up. do i keep the motor or should i put another one in it.

07-07-04, 10:51 AM
from your description, it sounds like your motor is okay? There's an intake for a 94 on ebay right now... I personally would pick that up and drop it on.

07-08-04, 12:16 AM
The motor is likely fine. Just replace the intake. Remove the center 4 bolts to remove the intake and replace it. Sounds like there may have been a fuel leak from the fuel pressure regulator rupturing or something like that inside the manifold.