View Full Version : isimple interface

03-18-09, 01:43 PM
I ordered the isimple with the PGHGM5 harness fit for the escalade. My intentions was to try and use it for a cts but didn’t happened… it’s up for sale pm me if you need it.

03-18-09, 02:21 PM
Is this for an ipod? does it work? I know a lot do not.
I'm interested, shoot me a pic

03-18-09, 05:03 PM
The interface is being sold as new. It comes with the main unit PXAMG which I just opened to verify the contents, and the harness cable PGHGM5 which comes in a plastic bag. I just opened the bag and tried to fit the connector of the harness to my radio and it didn’t match. You can find compatibility here. (http://www.peripheralelectronics.com/seeAllApps.aspx?ProductID=328&ProductName=PGHGM5) It should be compatible with Cadillac DTS 2006-2008, Cadillac Escalade 2003-2006, Cadillac Escalade 2007-2008, Cadillac SRX 2007-2008. For more information you can reference PXAMG
and PGHGM5 here. (http://www.peripheralelectronics.com/products.aspx)

*pm me in your interested