: Vin lookup for engine history

03-18-09, 12:16 AM
I have a engine out of VIN# 1G6ET1294XU600993 can anyone tell me the history of the car or engine. Hope that maybe I can find out if timesert job was already done before.

03-20-09, 02:45 PM
To get factory service records you'll need to go to a dealership and have them run the VIN through their Vehicle Inquiry System(VIS) to get the records of what has been done at a dealership, which if its had the HG done it was likely done at a dealership. I had them run mine when I had to buy a rather expensive windshield trim piece, if you don't have a good relationship with a local dealer they'll be more apt to comply if you drop some money with them.

03-22-09, 06:03 AM
Just based on the front of the VIN your motor is a VIN 9 300HP out of a 1999 Eldorado Touring Coupe. Unless you find dealer service records the only way to be sure is to pop a head off. Given pre-2000 propensity for HG issues I would do that before installing.