View Full Version : My 307 dual snorkel set up

03-17-09, 08:13 PM
Heres a shot of the dual snorkel setup I fabricated. I cut the snorkel off a junk yard air filter housing, cut corresponding hole in mine and used JB weld quick to attach it. Dremel comes in real handy for cutting the hole. I even left the thermac on the second snorkel and teed it off the main one so they are both operational. You have to cut the second snorkel off as short as possible or there will not be enough room on passenger side to run hose. Its very tight on that side. Used 4 inch dryer duct for the hose. The driver side hose routes below the radiator for maximum air input. Cant do that on the passenger side but there is a hole next to headlight assembly for air flow. With the K&N filter the quadrajet is getting plenty of air now. It almost looks identical to the vin 9 setup in the Oldsmobile 442's. Only thing missing is the chrome lid. 30 bucks on ebay for one of those. Not to hard to do at all with the right tools.