: Purchasing a 2003 EXT - Need advice

03-17-09, 04:16 PM
I have put a deposit on an EXT out of Province at a GM dealer, have seen pictures but not looked at it or driven it yet. It is a certified GM optimum used vehicle, so it has been through the full inspection and there is some warranty that comes with it. The warranty is 3 month or 5000KM, apparently it covers bumper to bumper. That is what the salesman has told me anyway. It only has 70,000KM (43K miles). I am just looking for some advice on what I should be looking for or paying attention to while looking at it or on a test drive. Common or known problems to pay attention to, as once I take it away I'm sure it will be tough to get warranty work unless something breaks.

Thanks in advance,.

03-17-09, 05:14 PM
Definitely listen for dif noises and wheel bearing noises. The dif will be a whine coming from the front end and the wheel bearing is kind of a whirring sound. Also, test all the electronics. Make sure you hit every button and that it does what it is supposed to do. Otherwise you should be fine and good luck with they purchase. Enjoy your new lade.

03-17-09, 05:36 PM
I'd drive another one as well. If you drive 2 of them you'll be a little more aware of differences between them...

Spittin Game
03-17-09, 06:04 PM
If its a 3 month 5000 KM warranty, then thats not GM Certified. That sounds like a dealer certified warranty to make you happy for 3 whole months. Dealers do this all the time, its pretty much useless.

03-17-09, 08:27 PM
I agree with spittin. I purchased a 03 ESV looking like show room condition and still am pleased. You are at he right board for info. These guys are great with answers and the read is just full of info. You should pay attention to the front differential because they are plagued with problems. I wished I would have asked them to change all the fluids so that I would know when they were changed. There many electronics onboard that ca fail so test it out and get the manual out so you understand the functions. I am thinking of mailing the previous owner for the history on the ESV since his address is the glove box. It is in such great shape. I do hear a little noise in the front but I think it is the power steering pump due hearing the sound with just the engine running. Those teasor warranties are just for show and do not cover anything without a copay. Just make sure you take your time and check it out and don't do an impulse purchase. It is a great ride and good luck.

03-18-09, 10:37 AM
check for recalls. I know that there was one on the instrument cluster, and up to a certain mileage, it will be covered.
Good luck, enjoy your cadi!

03-18-09, 11:04 AM
I also purchased an 03 but from a private dealer. I took it to a cadillac dealer to have it inspected. It cost me $90 for the inspection.
They came up with a few issues.
1) They had the wrong rotors in the rear. The rotors for the fron are not the same for the rear.
2) The diff was making alot of noise
3) The rear pinion seal was leaking
4) The oil cooler lines were leaking.
5) The rear heated seats kept blowing fuses.

I took that list back to the selling dealer and he repaired all the items, presented me with the actual receipt as proof.
I would have never seen any of those issues.
Always best to take care of these issues BEFORE you take it off the lot or sign any papers.
I am in the contracting business and have done work for several well known dealerships. THEY ARE ALL THE SAME.....
A car saleaman is a car salesman.................. sell the vehicle for the highest price, do as little to it as possible.
You may even ask for life time oil changes state inspections for free as well. You never know unless you ask.

As for your warranty, I believe most states when vehicles are being sold by a dealer MUST have a min warranty, usually 3 months. UNLESS its a wreck and sold as is.
That is really a teaser warranty....not cadillac certified. Certified warranties from Cadillac come with a 100K mile warranty. Not sure if an 03 qualifies........maybe someone else here may know more about that.

Another suggestion would be to actually put the vehicle on their lift to inspect it yourself. You can the visually check for any leaks, which would be very easy to see on the lift.
Asking them to change the fluids may be over the top................BUT ask, they can always say no....but may say OK.
Don't be afraid to say you are "thinking" about it, and walk away. If they want the sale that bad, they will make some concessions. Don't let on that you really love and want the truck.
Worked for me.
They offered me an extended warranty for 3 years 40K miles with zero deductible for $3000. We haggled over price via e-mail for about 2 weeks. Pretty much got waht I wanted price wise.
We then went on to the warranty issue, and I got that same warranty for $1100...makes you wonder how much money these dealers make with these warranties.
To date, I have had the rear diff and axel replaced.....new from GM. A new fuel pump. And just had the transmission done. Total out of pocket for me ZERO. Total cost to WARRANTY COMPANY $4400.
I still have over 2 years left on that warranty. Looks like a front diff rebuild may be in the works.
Good luck!!!!!

03-18-09, 11:06 AM
BY THE WAY..............
The cadillac dealer should be able to give you a print out of any and all cadillac dealings on the vehicle. Any service work, and and all warranty work. Its a pretty detailed report. Thats only good for service work that was actually done at any Cadillac dealer. Worth looking at!!

03-18-09, 05:38 PM
BY THE WAY..............
The cadillac dealer should be able to give you a print out of any and all cadillac dealings on the vehicle. Any service work, and and all warranty work. Its a pretty detailed report. Thats only good for service work that was actually done at any Cadillac dealer. Worth looking at!!

You can get the same report for your vehicle right on this web site.
Become a supporting member then post your VIN number in the below thread.
Within a day, he (lusterblade) will reply with the complete claim history for your vehicle and the complete breakdown of option codes on your truck.

A wonderful service, I found out a wealth of info about my 05's repair history

03-18-09, 06:35 PM
Learn something new everyday...........THANKS